Five Frame Nucleus Colonies

What you can expect when you purchase a 5 frame Nuc :
3 frames of brood in different stages, a frame with honey / pollen (food) and a frame of foundation for growth. These will be very robust colonies, with a established laying queen. No box needed at time of pick up as the bees will be in, either a plastic corrugated, Jester style nuc box or a waxed cardboard nuc box. These nucs will require additional growth space soon after pick-up, to prevent swarming.
We will begin splitting our bees in early spring, and anticipate local pick-up (weather permitting) on the 26th & 27th of April.
This is an excellent opportunity to replace your loses or increase you existing colonies, add new genetics to your existing stock, or begin beekeeping.

A $75.00 deposit is required for each Nuc reserved, the remainder ($100.00) to be paid no later than one week before pick up.

To purchase bees please call us at (828)-483-6821 (828)242-2305 contact us at

We Accept Cash, Checks and all Major Credit Cards

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